Hot Wheels Best For Track Logo

I have noticed this logo is now being placed on the base of cars that are designated Best For Track. Previously they would just mention Best For Track on the front of the card like as seen below.

But starting with the 2020 models I have noticed the track logo on the bases. So far I have seen the logo on Loco Motorin’, Clip Rod, and HW Warp Speeder. Some examples can be seen below.

Oscilloscope testing

I got this Rigol Oscilloscope last month and finally got around to trying it out. Figured I would try something simple and measure the echo pulse on this ultrasonic distance sensor.

The pulse measured 475.5us, dividing that by 58 gave me a distance of about 8.2cm

iPad Pro 11″ Bumper 2018 with cutouts for speaker and microphones

The Ruiz Brothers made this real nice case for the iPad Pro 11″. I have been using one on mine since I got it. But it was missing the cutouts for speakers and microphones. I was able to find the Apple Accessory Design Guidelines and get the dimensions and placement of these items.

Using the Fusion 360 files provided in the Adafruit Learn Guide I was then able to add these features. My remix of the design is available on Thingiverse if you would like to print it.

Stickvise Jaws for an Adafruit Circuit Playground

I got a Stickvise a while ago. Its a simple to use low profile pcb vise. The great part about it though is that its hackable. You can create your own jaw designs for it and attach them. The website has a hack your vise section.

I used the provided specs to make these jaws. They allow me to hold an Adafruit Circuit Playground board. This gets the board off of my messy bench to prevent any shorts. I designed it in Autodesk Fusion 360 and printed it out on my Lulzbot Taz 6.

The design is available on Thingiverse if you would like to print your own. Stickvise Jaws for an Adafruit Circuit Playground

*Disclaimer – The Amazon links are affiliate links that help me fund new projects.

Count to Pi

In 2017 ran a contest with Make called Make:’s Magically Mathematical Pi Day Contest. The theme was to make something Pi related. I made this game that tested how many digits of Pi you could remember. My entry won first prize.

Below is the link to the guide.