My new binary game

I figured out how to use Autodesk Circuits this week and built a binary game that I have been wanting to make for a while. Its still has a few options I would like to add and some cleaning up of the code and wiring. But you can try it out if you want.

How to create an app for Windows 10 and Arduino

7-9-2016 Urgent Update – For this to work you need WiFi101 version 0.9.0, the newest version 0.9.1 doesnt work

I used Visual Studio 2015 to create an app for Windows 10 that could run on my phone and control my Arduino over WiFi. I used an Arduino MKR1000 for this demo. This app allows me to turn the led on and off. – Arduino MKR1000 Firmata Github – Windows Remote Arduino tutorial

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InMoov Finger Starter

3-8-2016 Update – I wasn’t thinking right when powering this. I was trying to power the board via usb on the computer, thats why there was not enough power. Plug in the barrel jack and it then has enough power for the board and the servo without needing a bec.

For this Stuff With Kirby video I am putting together an InMoov Finger Starter kit that I printed on my Lulzbot 3d printer. – InMoov tutorial