Projects and stuff in the works – Vlog 1

Just a quick update of things I am working on and such.

Instructables –
Talking D20 –
Dice tray for MTG –
HobbyKing FPV 250 –
Rovers –
My 3dHub –

Printing multiple colors with single extruder

Heres a tutorial on how to print multiple colors with a single extruder using Simplify3d

The part i designed and used –

Heres an Instructables I made covering this also –

Replacing threaded rods on Lulzbot Taz 4

I got a used Lulzbot Taz 4 from Noe and Pedro Ruiz( that needed some repairs. In this video I am replacing the threaded rods.

Threaded rods –

3D Printed Raspberry Pi Zero Face Case

I designed the case for a Raspberry Pi Zero in Fusion 360. Design inspiration was from a previous Adafruit designed Raspberry Pi Face case for the B+ model. Noe Ruiz helped with showing me some design changes that could be made to improve on my original sketch. I also used the snap fit design shown on a Layer by Layer video to make the case so it requires no hardware to assemble.

Pi Zero Face Case files:

Layer by Layer video on making snap fit case:

Layer by Layer talking about this case:

Raspberry Pi B+ Face Case – Inspiration for Pi Zero Face case: